Irish Temple

MOAA has one Initiates’ Group meeting in Ireland. The Group meets on a regular basis.  The Irish Group is under the direction and guidance of the Mother-Temple in Rome, Italy.

Customarily, each Temple incurs its own expenses and as such will have it’s own charges which are designed to cover the cost of hiring venues and materials which the Temple needs. In Ireland the Membership Feesknown also as Dues, serve to offset Temple/Group costs.

Currently, these costs are kept to a minimum – primarily Hall Rental (Venue) – since the Irish Group does not hold a ‘Nominal Warrant’ for a Temple we will not be collecting Dues/Fees for some time. Hall Rental costs will be discussed in advance of the new Member attending an Initiates’ Group meeting.

Attendance at meetings is considered mandatory from all Members, in particular the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes. If a Member is unable to make an Initiates’ Group Meeting meeting they are expected to notify the relevant Meeting Officer(s) in advance.

Any person intending to apply is more than welcome, however please be advised that in order to conduct Initiation Ceremonies travel to Rome, Italy, will be necessary. This is offered, not to discourage anyone from applying but to advise prospective candidates of the realities so they may make informed decisions.

 Feel free to contact the Irish Group using the Contact Us page should you have further queries.